About Us

Our Story of WOShop - Wellness Online

Hello everyone, WOShop has started in 2016 as the retail section of World of Bird Nest Museum - the one and only Edible Bird's Nest museum which we have curated in Singapore. World of Bird Nest Museum was originally located at Gallop Kranji Farm Resort.  During the curation process of the museum, we have worked closely with zoologists and medical researchers who have in-depth study about edible-nest swiftlets and edible bird's nest, as well as farmers who own swiftlets farms. We also chanced upon very good bird's nest products and have gained the satisfaction in finding reliable source of products from ethical farmers and authentic manufacturers. With these connections, it has led us to expand the business further by providing you informative and educational tours via the museum, at the same time offering a variety of edible bird’s nest products from reliable source to your table. In 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has hit our brick and mortar business badly, but the determination of bringing good products to you has never changed. We have now rebranded ourselves - WOShop Wellness Online. In WOShop Wellness Online, we are proud to introduce our Signature series of edible bird’s nest products.  We have further added few new ranges of food products, namely honey, tea & wine series and also green essential series. Holding on to the same belief in product’s originality, reliability and sustainability as when we uncovered edible bird’s nest, we are determined to ensure that our new range of products is either 100% original or ethically farmed and produced. This has been our top priority since we only want to offer the best quality of food and daily essentials to you while consciously protecting the earth as we are consuming.

In addition, we are in the process of designing interesting wellness programs that aim to improve your well-being and quality of life. On the side note, WOShop Wellness Online will continue to support the legacy of World of Bird's Nest Museum by transforming the physical museum to an online Museum. We will be putting up a section dedicated to the museum and will publish the collaterals that we have spent days and nights curating. We believe you will enjoy the information we have uncovered about the beautiful swiftlet and its natural product - the edible bird's nest, as much as we have. Stay healthy, stay safe! Signed off by Ai Na, Founder of WOShop - Wellness Online

WO Shop's Beliefs

We make peace with intuitive eating as we believe that every being have their type of food that make their body feel right. We strongly resolute with sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our products are specially brought in after critical vetting, to ensure that those brands responsibly obtain those products while maintaining its high quality.

Our Sourcing


Bird's Nest Series

Our bird's nests are specially sourced from our Swiftlet's cave nest in Sarawak and it's ethically processed thoroughly until the selling phase.


Honey Series

The honey sourced on our website comes from farms with good standardisation control and quality check. We make sure they are verified on certificate to be of high standard, and genuine quality of honey


Tea & Wine Series

Our teas & wines listed are all organically made or vegan. Each process is taken into account of being ethically done, environmentally friendly, and to be as natural as possible.


Green Essentials Series

Our green essentials series products contain mostly natural ingredients and we make sure that each process brings minimal impact to the environment.

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