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WO Shop is the retail section for World of Birdnest Museum, the one and only bird's nest museum in Singapore with proper curation works of renown zoologist to scientist researcher of edible bird's nest. Our signature range of product focused on the Asian delicacy - edible bird's nest. (燕窝) Edible bird's nest is one of the natural traditional Chinese tonics and after a century of culture and family heritage, it has become a nourishing health nibbling treasure for generations. Edible bird's nest is a wonderful product of nature, nests were first made from the unique secretion of swiftlets for raising their young offspring, and then after, these vacant cradles, endowed from the nature, became a health treasure for us. The mission of WO Shop is to bring superior quality natural bird’s nest to you by going extra mile to audit and check on the supplier's end to end production complying to our in-house code of good practice revolving these core values: environmental awareness of corporate consciousness, sustainability, self-regulatory check on quality to ensure the bird's nest sold are only from the sustainable sources and work with accredited facilities of highest standard of hygienic cleaning and processing of bird's nest which lock in the nutrient edible bird's nest that can bring wellness to your body. Our bird's nest product range from healthy snacks like bird's nest cookies, chocolate. We supply great quality of traditional and ready to cook bird's nest from trusted source to collagen extracts packed with Glycoprotein extracted from bird's nest with scientific research done.

Featured Products

Ready-to-cook Birdnest - Nes'it 18

Are you having a busy lifestyle which you have neglected your health or your radiance? You know bird's nest is good for your well beings and skin complexion but no time or too cumbersome to prepare? Fret not now. With Nes'It 18 Ready to cook bird's nest, it is easy and retain most of the nutrient especially 18 amino acids for you. It just take 25minutes to look great always.

Premium Bird's Nest Booster Pack

The most ideal gift for Mother's Day 2019 !

Premium Bird's Nest Booster Pack comes with 7 mini packs of Ready-to-cook Bird’s Nest - Nes’it 18 and a pouch containing 7 sachets Glyco-Factor I (Immunity) Collagen Bird's Nest Extracts packed with Glycoprotein. The Ready-to-cook Bird’s Nest Nes’it 18 and the Glyco-Factor I functional drink for promoting immunity can be consumed separately or combines as booster for immunity. 燕窝精华礼盒备有7包的即炖燕窝 Nes'it 18 和一个装有7包的水溶性糖蛋白机能性饮料(燕窝萃取)Glyco-Factor I (促进免疫力)。 即炖燕窝Nes'it 18和水溶性糖蛋白机能性饮料(燕窝萃取) Glyco-Factor I 可以单独食用,也可以一起服食,作为促进免疫力的温补强化剂。


Bird's Nest Collagen Extracts Packed with Glycoprotein

Glyco-Factor B (Beauty) Collagen Bird's Nest Extracts Glyco-Factor I (Immunity) Collagen Bird's Nest Extracts Glyco-Factor R (Rejuvenating Cells) Collagen Bird's Nest Extracts Glyco-Factor D (Defence Against Joint Degeneration) Collagen Bird's Nest Extracts