Ever wonder what is edible bird’s nest? Come visit our museum located within the serene and tranquil Kranji countryside area in Singapore to uncover the myths and discover the benefits of edible bird’s nest for we are probably one of the most comprehensive collection of information about edible bird’s nest in the entire South-East Asia. At World of Birdnest Museum, we aim to play an educational role in sharing the information in depth about edible bird’s nest, the swiftlet species which their secretion produces the edible bird’s nest. We also curate works on caves bird’s nest to nests from swiftlet’s ranching farms and about sustainable farming, its trade and the past and ongoing scientific development on the medicinal properties of edible bird’s nest. Whilst at our specialty storefront, we supply only the best and most trusted source of bird’s nest and bird’s nest related products. Enjoy a bowl of bird’s nest delicacy for dessert or simply snacking on bird’s nest chocolates, cookies and aromatic coffee…Only at World of Birdnest Museum.

World of Birdnest Museum

Our Core Values

The core values of World of Birdnest Museum and its specialty store are established to advocate and make aware to the public: (a) Environmental Awareness -the dangers of harvesting cave bird’s nests and the potential threats to endangering the species of swiftlets and other birds’ species in the cave due to overharvesting of bird’s nest -the environmental issues arising from illegal bird’s houses built around the urbanized, densely populated areas. (b) Awareness of Corporate Consciousness in Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN) Industry -the importance of choosing the accredited EBN processing centre -strive to drive more processing centres into getting accreditation and increase the corporate consciousness of processing quality edible bird’s nest for the consumers. (c) Sustainability -with right knowledge of swiftlet’s ecology and all other critical factors in building the class one swiftlet ranching farm is essential to achieve sustainable swiftlet houses without endangering the species. (d) Self-Regulatory Check on Quality -equipped with right mindset and attitude to request for self-regulatory checks on quality of edible bird’s nest sold by bird’s nest traders and merchants. (e) Legacy -works curated by World of Birdnest Museum on edible bird’s nest can be passed on generations to generation.

Our Objectives

World of Birdnest Museum -To balance and maintain a healthy ecosystem in the bird’s nest industry -To manage the museum collection and literature about edible bird’s nests -To inspire, create value and make a difference like no other. WO Shop - World of Birdnest Museum Retail -To create a retail and marketing channel for quality bird’s nest products via a self-auditing quality checklist and a digitilised identification system. Masterclasses -To organize masterclasses for interested groups like investors, builders, management agents in swiftlet farming industry.