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Conscious Living, Intuitive Eating

WO Shop Connects you Closer to Conscious Living . Intuitive Eating

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Respect and Embrace

WO Shop revolves around our brand philosophy on respect and embrace. Building on such, we believe in conscious living and intuitive eating.

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Conscious Living from Within and Environmentally Friendly

With our strong beliefs, we specially curate wellness programs to walk you through the journey of uncovering the rhythm of your body. Our products aim to discover the types of food that empower your well-being, helping you strive towards a conscious lifestyle by adopting eco-friendly habits into your daily life.

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Natural Sources and 100% Ethically Processed

We strongly associate with intuitive eating. Thus, we source for natural products from fields adopting natural, biodynamic farming and sustainable practices while maintaining environmental pureness as well as, factories with ethical and responsible values to aid you in striving for balance in your health.

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Safe to Use and Consume

We conduct self-regulatory checks on the quality of our products, to ensure the highest standards to lock in the benefits that will enhance your wellness.

Signature Bird's Nest Series

Obtained through sustainable farming and guaranteed to be the most trusted source of Bird's Nest and Bird's Nest snacks. Give yourself and your loved ones a treat now!

Honey Series

Honey brings about many health benefits and are a good source for natural healing. Check out our collection of organic honey here!

Tea & Wine Series

Pair your food with our range of aromatic Teas & Organic Wines, specially sourced for you.

Green Essentials Series

An important aspect of conscious living is to learn to choose natural daily essentials. Start by choosing green products, reduce usage of chemicals in our daily lives and give back a cleaner environment to our Mother Nature and our next generation. Strive to keep chemical, preservatives free and total green now!

Featured Products of the Month

Adopt a Positive Lifestyle Today

Tips to Improve your Health

Here are some habits you can adopt in your daily routines to help you improve on your health today!

Nes'It 18 Ready to Cook Bird's Nest

Feeling burnt out or neglecting your health? Fret not! With Nes'It 18 Ready to Cook Bird's Nest, you can regain your radiance in no time. Find out how simple it is to prepare with just one video.

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Here are 5 healthy breakfast ideas you can do to keep yourself energised in the morning and get prepared for the day!

Yoga For Absolute Beginners

Low carb way of life is not just about the diet. Its about exercise as well to keep the body insulin sensitive. So have a go at yoga and enjoy the benefits it will give you!

Our story

We believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. With our strong beliefs, we are committed to bringing wellness products and programs of superior quality to you and your loved ones while going the extra mile of ensuring they are obtained responsibly through ethical sources. Learn more about our brand here.

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